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Where is Process Work used?

Process Work has many applications:

• Individual therapy
• Personal creativity and growth
• Couples, marriage and family counseling
• Physical symptoms, including serious and life-threatening illnesses
• Comas and other strongly altered states of consciousness
• Extreme states of consciousness usually treated with psychiatry
• Group process for organisational development and conflict resolution
• Community-building using conflict and diversity (Worldwork)

PWII offers the following services:

Therapy sessions:

Individual: Problems related to career, interpersonal and family; Anxiety and nervous disorders; stress related difficulties, sleep disorders, severe and chronic body ailments, managing time, identifying strengths and weaknesses, dealing with addictions, dealing with weight problems.

Couple: Problems related to being in a relationship, marriage difficulties, parental difficulties, sexual orientation.

Group and Organizational: personal growth, conflict resolution, stress management and work life balance.

Classes, workshops and seminars on the various teachings of Process Oriented Psychology
• A training group for those who wish to be involved in working with Coma patients
• A Library of Process Work books is also available
• We are also in the process of launching a Certification Course for those interested in studying process work. Please refer to the Events page for upcoming details regarding this course.

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