The Diploma Program at PWII is designed as an extension of the two-year certificate program offered at the institute. It is a rigorous full-time program intended for Processwork students who wish to expand on their foundational Processwork skills, and achieve mastery in the knowledge and application of Processwork.

The Program will help a student enhance their skills and knowledge to become facilitators of individual, relationship and groups across disciplines such as counselling, coaching, conflict resolution and leadership. 

At the end of the program, a successful graduate will be certified as a Processwork Diplomate.

Program Structure

The Program has been structured in two phases consisting of workshops, personal therapy, clinical internship, client contact, peer group, study committee – with an overall and intense focus on a student’s personality development and self-awareness.

The Diploma Program in Process Work is based on three stages of training:

Stage 1 - Certificate in Process Work (Basics – Already Completed)

Stage 2 - Diploma Program Phase I (One year period – Starts after entering the diploma program)

Stage 3 - Diploma Program Phase II (Two-year period - Starts after completion of phase I exam)

Phase I

The one year of Phase I, students will mainly attend workshops, focus on their personal therapy and attend peer study groups. At the end of Phase 1, students will be required to take a theoretical exam.

Phase II

Phase II will be spread over 2 years and will focus on skill development including completion of a project with continued focus on personal therapy, study groups and workshops.

You are eligible to apply if you have a certification from the India institute or any IAPOP recognized equivalent training program.

Contact at for more information on the program, eligibility and admission process