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Process Work Institute of India

India, like most other rapidly developing countries, is witnessing a rise in mental health challenges associated with urbanisation, globalisation, increase in nuclear families, and the growing influence of social media and technology. These changing times demand a new perspective to address and deal with the challenges that combine the wisdom of our ancestors with the evolving field of Processwork.


With this intention, Anuradha Deb founded Process Work Institute of India (PWII) in 1996. A Diplomate of the Process Work Institute, Portland, USA, Anuradha has over 25 years of experience as a process worker. Over the past two decades, PWII has provided training in Processwork facilitation and application methods across individual, relationship, groups and organisations. PWII also serves as a centre for teaching, research, and development of Process Work techniques.


As part of the dream to start a Processwork centre in India for over 18 years, PWII launched the first 2-year certificate program in May 2018. Today, PWII is simultaneously growing roots and wings to help bring meaning and fulfilment in the lives of individuals and communities. 

PWII is a centre for personal and professional growth and is affiliated to IAPOP, which links it to other learning environments worldwide.

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